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"So soft 'n small you'll love them best of all!"

So Small Babies were produced by Galoob in 1989. They were a series of small 2-1/2 inch soft bodied dolls with plastic heads. There was a mixture of babies and animals, and plenty of little accessories too.

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There were several small playsets produced for the dolls, including small houses, furniture and accessorise. Twenty four of the original thirty six dolls were sold separately, along with a little house and accessory. There were also four new doll additions which were also sold separately and came with three accessories each. There was one large playset produced, but it didn't come with any dolls.

Baby and 3 Special Accessories

There were four new babies produced, one from each set, each sold separately with three accessories.


This playset came with Bathtime Betty.


This playset came with Jelly Baby.


This playset came with Morning Gloria.


This playset came with Joy.


Six of the nine dolls from each set were also sold individually with a small house and accessory (so twenty four in all). I only know a selection of the dolls which were released like this, and don't have very clear images of the ones that I do. Please contact me if you can help!

There were three different models used for the houses, all of which differed in their colours and designs.

Each set also came with either a cot, play-pen, high-chair or buggy.


Six of the nine dolls were also sold individually with house and accessory.

Polly Pup Playtime Patty

[no image] [no image] [no image]
Sweet Susie Unknown Unknown Unknown


Six of the nine dolls were also sold individually with house and accessory. The houses were made of thick cardboard with plastic bases and roofs.

[no image]
Chocolate Cherry Lavender Drop Unknown

[no image]
Lucy Licorice Patsy Peppermint Unknown


Blue Bell Daffy Dilly

Dandy Lion Rosie

[no image]
Shrinki Violet Unknown


[no image] [no image]
Bedtime Bear Happy Birthday Unknown Unknown

Sunny Sunshine Puppy Luv

Large Playsets

There was one large playset produced. It didn't come with any dolls.

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So Small Babies :: Playsets