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"Have you snuzzled a Wuzzle today?"

Wuzzles were produced by Disney and Hasbro in 1985. Each character was a mixture of two animals, and all had wings. They started off as an American animated television series and were soon produced as poseable figures and plush toys (similar to Care Bears), books, puzzles and an abundance of other items.

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There were lots of Wuzzle accessories produced, of which I have added in a few.

Other Figures

As expected with such a successful series there were other types of figures produced as well as the poseable versions.

The sinister looking little Wuzzles below are actually cake decoration rather than miniatures. There appear to have been only five made (no Rhinokey) and came with a decorative cake wrapping to go around the edge of the cake (pictured further below).

These miniature figures are possibly erasers.

This miniature figure has a small, round base.

I've also found a couple of small, squeaky toy figures.


These are pictures of the packets the stickers came in:

Stationary Items

Magnets   Erasers

Bedroom Items

Bin Curtains Baby Bumper for Cot

Bed Set Tent

Clocks Lamp Vanity Set

Shimmering Pictures Frames Moneyboxes


Puzzles Viewmaster & Slides 

Colorforms Card Game

Party Accessories & Food Related Items

Cake Tins

Table Cloth Napkins Cake Decoration Wrapping

Masks Party Bags

Lunch Box & Flasks    Cup (back & front)

Bags, Purses & Jewellery

Wallet Coin Purse

Bag Watch Large Pin Badge

Sewing Patterns

For Sale

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Wuzzles :: Accessories