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"Tucked away in a secret place, is a teeny tiny nursery full of teeny tiny babies and teeny tiny pets."

Baby Buddies were produced by Kenner in 1994-95. They were a series of tiny babies with magnetically moving parts, which came with tiny pets and accessories. The pets and accessories were very similar to Kenner's Littlest Pet Shop and even used some of the same moulds, so are easily confused.

There were thirteen sets of babies produced, with twenty dolls in all, plus one large

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There were two playsets produced; one large and one small. The small playset was only available through a special mail order offer.

  • My Baby Buddies Nursery
  • My Baby Buddies Magical Merry-Go-Round

My Baby Buddies Nursery

My Baby Buddies Nursery included a two piece case with handle, two removable shelves, bed with changing table top, pet bed, toy shelf unit, clock, two plates, two spoons, bib, wash basin, shampoo bottle, toy duck, toy teddy bear, toy mouse, rattle, blocks, pet food/water dish, label sheet and instructions. It didn't come with any of its own babies or pets.

  • "You get over 20 pieces to care for all your Baby Buddies! It's endless nursery playtime fun!"
  • "Time for a new diaper! Get baby all cleaned up and changed in the little powder room."
  • "What's for dinner? The cozy kitchen is the perfect place for a yummy meal!"
  • "Tuck your sleepy baby and her little pets snug in their comfy beds. Sweet dreams!"
  • "Let's play! Babies love to play all day with you and all their fun toys."

  • "Get baby ready for bed on her changing table!"
  • "Tuck baby into her bed!"
  • "Store lots of babies things!"
  • "Move the hands on the clock!"

My Baby Buddies Magical Merry-Go-Round

The Baby Buddies Magical Merry-Go-Round was only available through a special offer on toys produced in 1995. The publicity image has a green top and blue bottom, where as the loose image has them the other way around. It didn't come with any babies or pets.

  • "A Magical Merry-Go-Round For Your Babies and Pets!"
  • "The Baby Buddies merry-go-round is available only through this offer and has lots of room for four of your babies and their pets to have whirling, twirling fun."

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Baby Buddies :: Playsets