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"Tucked away in a secret place, is a teeny tiny nursery full of teeny tiny babies and teeny tiny pets."

Baby Buddies were produced by Kenner in 1994-95. They were a series of tiny babies with magnetically moving parts, which came with tiny pets and accessories. The pets and accessories were very similar to Kenner's Littlest Pet Shop and even used some of the same moulds, so are easily confused.

There were thirteen sets of babies produced, with twenty dolls in all, plus one large

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Twice The Fun Twins

"Double the fun with two special babies and two darling pets! Twins feature magical actions! Playful accessories for two provide hours of fun! Double birth certificates to write down babies' special names!"

There were five Twice The Fun Twins sets produced.

  • Dig 'n Play Twins
  • Smooch 'n Hug Twins
  • Snuggle 'n Snooze Twins
  • Swing 'n Scoot Twins
  • Walk 'n Crawl Twins

Dig 'n Play Twins

  • "Playing in the sandbox is so much fun! Put the shovel in baby's right hand, then press and release her pretty bow to help her pat the glittery 'sand'."
  • "Apply labels and put Play-Doh modeling compound in sandbox as shown. Replace Play-Doh modeling compound after each use."
  • "Hot diggity dog! Press and let go of the puppy dog's tail and he paws at the 'sand,' trying to get his tasty bone."
  • "Look what baby boy found! He's got a friendly toad in his bucket that he'll lift up to show you when you press down on the button on his back."
  • "Help little toad leave sweet heart tracks in the 'sand' wherever he roams!"
  • "Give your babies names and write them on the Birth Certificate!"

Smooch 'n Hug Twins

  • "Baby wants some juice. Take off the cap and rub the bottle on baby's mouth--when she's done, help her give pony a big juicy kiss!"
  • "This baby loves pony too! Bring pony towards baby and she'll kiss him as he raises his head to nuzzle her."
  • "Kitty needs some lovin'! Put kitty in baby's hands and press down on the button on baby's back--she lifts kitty for a nice, big hug."
  • "Give your babies names and write them on the Birth Certificate!"

Snuggle 'n Snooze Twins

  • "This cozy bear chair is the perfect spot for a sleepy baby and her puppy. Baby lifts her hand up to cover a yawn when you pull down her arm!"
  • "Baby doesn't like having her hair brushed. She turns her head away from the brush whenever you get it close! Maybe bunny will let you brush her instead."
  • "Time for bed, sleepy ones! You can tuck all the little sleepyheads snugly in their bed. Nitght-night, babies."
  • "Give your babies names and write them on the Birth Certificate!"

Swing 'n Scoot Twins

  • "Push baby along on her toy horse--she bounces up and down as horsey's head bobs back and forth. And little puppy hangs on for the ride! Ride 'em cowgirl!"
  • "Little baby loves her kitty-cat! When kitty gets close, baby nods forward to give her a sweet 'kiss.'"
  • "These sweet playmates like to swing way up high. Give them lots of pushes to keep them oh-so-happy!"
  • "Give your babies names and write them on the Birth Certificate!"

Walk 'n Crawl Twins

  • "Baby's on the move! Her legs swing and her bunny wobbles as you push the gobbling walker along. Gangway!"
  • "Kitty wants to play chase! When baby's sweet face gets too close, kitty turns away. But baby is quick and gives her a 'kiss' from behind!"
  • "All that playtime makes twin babies hungry! Give them a little snack in the pretty playpen."
  • "Give your babies names and write them on the Birth Certificate!"

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