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"Let their love light shine!"

Blinkins were produced by LJN Toys in 1985-86. They were fairy-glowbug creatures who lived in Blinkin Land who had small wings which lit up and glowed in rainbow colours when their bodies were squeezed. They each came with a pet or accessory and a butterfly comb.

Along with the small dolls Blinkins were large plush versions, playsets, accessories, books and videos.

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There were several story and colouring books produced, as well as animations released on video.


Blinkins story books include:

  • The Big Show
  • The Magic Light
  • Meet The Blinkins
  • Where is Baby Twinkle?
The Big Show The Magic Light

Meet The Blinkins Where Is Baby Twinkle?

Blinkins colouring books include:
  • Paint With Water: No 1
  • Paint With Water: No 2
  • The Picnic: A Story to Colour
  • Here Come the Blinkins: Colouring Book


Blinkins videos include:

  • The Blinkins [1986]
  • The Blinkins and the Blizzard [1986]
  • The Blinkins and the Bear [1986]
  • The Blinkins the Bear and the Blizzard [1992]
The Bear and the

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Blinkins :: Accessories