Computer Fun with Hedgehogs & Moles

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I came back with a pile of old early 1980’s children’s computer books after volunteering last Monday. I also found a Harry Potter DVD boardgame, two Mrs Hedgehog annuals and the first Adrian Mole book.

Tales of Mrs Hedgehog + More Tales of Mrs Hedgehog

I already own the first annual (found last year), but as it was only 10p I couldn’t resist! My other one is a 1981 reprint, this one is a 1980 reprint (original publication is 1979). There are no reprint dates in the “More Tales” annual so it looks to be a 1980 first edition.

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13¾ by Sue Townsend

I loved this book when I first read it, and still do. The TV series is great too. My original copy of this book (plus books two and three) disappeared many years ago, but I do own the entire set of eight books as published in 2012 for the first books 30th anniversary.

This book was first published in 1982, with this one being a 1985 reprint. I have the feeling I was a similar age to Adrian himself when I first read this book, and started writing my own diary because of it (sadly also long gone). The back cover has seen a bit of action, but I can’t complain at 10p.

Robot & Computer Books

Ahh, early 1980’s computer books for children! They are full of things to do with your microcomputer, be it a Commodore 64, VIC 20, Apple II, BBC (C), Electron or Spectrum.

  • Using The Computer
  • Experiments With Your Computer
  • Practical Things To Do With A Microcomputer
  • First Computer Library: Computer Fun
  • The World Of The Future: Robots

Using The Computer ~ A Beginner’s Guide To The Microcomputer [1983]

Practical Things To Do With A Microcomputer [1983]

First Computer Library: Computer Fun [1984]

Experiments With Your Computer [1985]

The World Of The Future: Robots ~ Science & Medicine Into The 21st Century [1979]

This is a fantastic book, with great illustrations. I now want to find “Future Cities”, “Star Travel” and “The Future”, three more books in the series.

Scene It? ~ Harry Potter: The DVD Game (1st Edition)

I only bought this game for the metal play pieces really, which include an owl, a snitch, the sorting hat and a steam engine. I get the feeling, like most of these DVD games, it was only ever played once or twice as it’s in good condition.