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Before the Charity Shops shut up once again for Tier 4 Lockdown here, I found a lovely selection of dolls for resale including four vintage ARI rubber dolls, Baby Born, three Barbie‘s, Cabbage Patch Kids, DesignaFriend, four Disney Princess dolls, Lalaloopsy and Our Generation.

Large Dolls

Both of these dolls have lovely hair!

Disney Princess


A few weeks back I rescued the head of a 90’s Barbie from a broken body (her neck was split and her hands really chewed). The following week I took another look through the doll box and found another 90s Barbie whose body was fine but hair was mostly chopped off. A head-swap later, and Winter Velvet Barbie has a body again! I also found Barbie In The Pink Shoes, who has a spinning reversible tutu, and a lovely (but nude) long-haired Barbie with light-up tiara, who turned out to be Rapunzel’s Wedding. I even found a wedding dress in my box of bits to complete her look!

Vintage Dolls

Other Dolls

Clothing & Accessories

Barbie In The Pink Shoes came bundled up in a bag with these accessories.