He-Man’s Tickle Sorcery

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The mister and I popped out on Saturday for a mooch around town (there may also have been cider) and I came back with all sorts of goodies! I found a Mr Tickle money pot, two Lalaloopsy dolls, a pink Frizzys, The Graffalo, a Puppy Surprise talking baby, two more Furbys, a Moshi Monster, Masters Of The Universe and Fighting Fantasy books, and a Rubik’s Octagon.

Lalaloopsy: Silly Hair + Littles

I found another Silly Hair doll called Jewel Sparkles, who is wearing Bea Spells a Lot jacket. And a nude Littles dolls called Mimi La Sweet.

Moshi Monsters “Raincoat Poppet” Figurine

There were six Poppet figurines, each came with candy and stickers in a blind bag, c.2013.

McDonalds Happy Meal Furbys

I found another light blue one, and a dark blue which I didn’t have (I can never remember what I have!). Now all I need is the pink one for a complete set. I should be able to remember that!

Frizzys “Kink”

Yay, another Frizzys!

Mr Men: Mr Tickle Piggy Bank

He’s missing his bottom bung (oo-er), but that doesn’t really matter if not used. He’s made of ceramic and was produced in 1997.

The Gruffalo ~ Small Plush

Sitting down he is 12cm high.

Puppy Surprise

This is one of the barking pups, which came with one of the newer re-issue sets. She looks just like the non-barking pups but with a voicebox inside.

My Little Pony [G4]

This is the second poseable pony I have found. This one is CheeriLee and came with the Teaching playset.

Rubik’s Octagon (aka Barrel)

I had this one as a child. I lent it to a friend who mixed it up so much I never got it back into shape again. I was not happy.

Fighting Fantasy: Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! “Khare – Cityport of Traps” (no.2)

I haven’t come across any FF books for years. They have such good illustration.

“Where will you kiss next: the forehead (turn to 314); the right eye (turn to 2); the right cheek (turn to 334); the left cheek (turn to 88); the nose (turn to 296); of the lips (turn to 231)?”

Masters Of The Universe “A Trap For He-Man”

Another classic story!

“I will bear you on your way.” cried Stratos. “A summons from the Lord He-Man to one is a summons to all.” Teela dismounted and spoke to her horse. “Return to Castle Grayskull.” And as the horse wheeled and galloped obediently away, she wrapped her arms around the powerful body of Stratos and rose with him high into the morning sky.