Rabid Cactus Monster

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Last weeks finds included Lalaloopsy, Monster High (doll and purse), My Little Pony (two ponies and a tin), Lego & Fabuland figures, Twistheads, TokiDoki and Rabbids. I also found a rather nice Kimmidoll bookend.

Lalaloopsy: Silly Hair “Bea Spells a Lot”

I found another Silly Hair doll called Bea Spells a Lot, who is wearing Jewel Sparkles dress (the doll I bought last week), which was a spot of luck (same shop)! They are now dressed correctly.

TokiDoki “Sandy”

I’ve never come across TokiDoki characters before, but am smitten!

Monster High: Freaky Fusion “Bonita Femur”

She’s missing her hair accessory but still had her belt (which was in her hair) and shoes.

Monster High: Purse

A little plastic coin purse.

My Little Pony: Twilight Sparkle Seapony [G4]

This is the second seapony I have found, although this one is much larger. She has lovely sparkly eyes and wings.

My Little Pony: Happy Tin

I bought this solely for the tin (also called Collectors Tin), although it is actually complete inside. It has a storybook, activity book, colouring book, four pens, a double-sided poster, and a sheet with lots of little stickers.

Fast Food Toys: My Little Pony (McDonalds) + Rabbids (Burger King)

I found the same pony a few week back, but this one has nicer hair. I love the Rabbids eyes! They are both from 2018.

Lego, Fabuland & Twistheads

The Lego and Fabuland figures were part of a two for £1.00 deal, with various figures on a board. The lady in the shop wouldn’t let me buy just one, so I picked the blue space-knight too. I love Fabuland, which I had as a child (and still have most of the figures). I never had the mouse.

The Twistheads is DC Comics Catwoman.

Kimmidoll: “Ayame” Book End

There was only one, but she’s lovely.