Mr Fruity’s Tea Pocket

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I found a mixture of things this week, including vintage plastic picnic items (Mr Men!), Teeny Tiny Tumbles Surprise, Polly Pocket, Monster High, a furry bunny bag, Black Books and two fruity t-shirts!

Monster High “Jackson Jekyll”

I don’t know the boy dolls well, so didn’t realise that was who he was when I bought him (I just thought he looked interesting). He is wearing a Moxy Teenz jacket and possibly Barbie jeans, so needs to be re-dressed. I’m not sure which version he is as his hair has been messed with a bit, but I don’t really like either outfit!

Teeny Tiny Tumbles Surprise

These were produced by ToyBiz in 1996. There were babies and animals.

Polly Pocket

These are the modern version with rubber clothes.

Blue Bunny Bag

The cat is in love with bunny and keeps licking it! The inner pocket goes all the way down to it’s bottom, and it’s so soft. These cost about £12 new and come in all kinds of colours.

Vintage Picnic Basket & Tea Set

What was within this old plastic picnic basket, I wondered? All sorts of goodies! There were two Mr Men jugs with lids, two Country Cousin plates with one cup, and an unknown set with teapot, two cups, four little plates and one bigger plate. The Mr Men and Country Cousin items are marked “Made in Italy by Suci“. The other set has no markings at all.

The Complete Black Books

All three series in a nice boxset.

Fruity T-Shirts

I was looking for something with a strawberry or melon print to make some doll clothes from. I found both!