John’s Big Disco

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This years first charity shop finds had a bit of an unintended theme. DISCO!

I found a “Saturday Night Fever” DVD in the shop next to my work, then in the shop over the road I found another splendid Geoff Love LP to add to my collection called “Big Disco Movie Hits“.

Big Disco Movie Hits was released in 1978 and featured music from various films.

Side One

  1. Disco Queen (from the film “Thank God It’s Friday”)
  2. Stayin’ Alive (from the film “Saturday Night Fever”)
  3. F. M. (No Static At All) (from the film “F. M.”)
  4. Every 1’s A Winner (from the film “The Stud”)
  5. Car Wash (from the film “Car Wash”)
Side Two

  1. Jive Talkin’ (from the film “Saturday Night Fever”)
  2. Native New Yorker (from the film “The Stud”)
  3. Grease (from the film “Grease”)
  4. Night Fever (from the film “Saturday Night Fever”)
  5. Life’s Been Good (from the film “F. M.”)
  6. Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts’ Club Band (from the film “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts’ Club Band”)

I love the artwork on these kind of albums.

Note the 1970’s Woolworth price label in the corner of the LP. The price has now faded, confirming my suspicion that all Geoff Love LP’s are priceless.

Saturday Night Fever was released in 1977. I goes without saying I shall be watching this on Saturday night.