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The last couple of weeks has provided me with several weird and wonderful items, including several books, a sprinkling of LP’s and a handful of toys.


I’ve found quite a few toys for resale this month, and a few for my own amusement!

From Torchwood, is Captain Jack Harkness. I’m not keen on his outfit, and much prefer the greatcoat version, but I’ll take what I can find! I also spied a 4th Doctor Who, played by Tom Baker. They are holding hands with Luke Skywalker from Star Wars. No weapons (of course!), just two lumps of blue tack where they once were. He’s from the 40th Anniversary release of The Empire Strikes Back figures, the Dogobah set. I found Luke from the X-Wing Pilot set not so long back, so shall stick this one in the same plant pot that I put the other one in!

I’ve always been rather fond of Toad from Wind In The Willow, ever since the ITV version with David Jason as Toad (of which this plush was produced for). I also found a teddy bear with a porcelain baby face, which was too weird to leave.

Just as I was paying for some items, I spied this AvonLittle Dream Girl” bottle of “Sweet Honesty” eau de cologne under the glass counter. The bottom is glass and the head is plastic, which has discoloured with age. There is even the tiniest bit of perfume left inside. It’s one I used to have when I was little, and sat on a shelf for many years.

After rummaging through a “two for £1” bin, I only managed to find one toy I wanted to get (for re-sale), but the shop assistant wouldn’t sell it for 50p. I went back in for another rumage and came up with this A-TeamRough Rider” vehicle from 1983. Bargain!


Mr Men & Timbuctoo by Roger Hargreaves

It has been quite some time, possibly a few years, since I found any old Mr Men books. This one is “Mr. Chatterbox“, and has an offer for a Mr Men Wall Frieze in the back, valid until Sep 1979. Timbuctoo books are even rarer to come across in the wild, so was very happy to find “Puff“.

“The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4” by Sue Townsend (1982)

I have an old paperback of this, but this one is hardback and a much earlier edition from 1983.

Twinkle Annual 1981

I’m always happy to find a Twinkle annual, and this one I used to have.

“Henry’s Cat” by Stan Hayward & Bob Godfrey (1983)

I already own a copy of this annual, but couldn’t leave it in the shop!

Clangers Annual 1971

It’s a bit beaten up, but is full of super illustrations and a few photo stories.

Watch with Mother BBC TV Annual 1977

This is full of colourful illustrations and a few decidedly odd photo stories.

“Little People of the Woods”

I’ve not discovered very much about this lovely old book (c.1940s), other than it’s quite rare. The illustrations are crazy!

Gran’Pop’s Annual

Another old annual, full of mad monkey business!


“Fonzi Favorites”

The back cover has a fold-out stand and the original insert was still inside with a various Fonzie offers.

“Noddy’s Magic Holiday”

This is actually rather wonderful, with a bizarre story and fantastic music. And some splendid graffiti on the back by former owner Sarah Parrott!

“Franck Pourcel ~ James Bond’s Greatest Hits”

This LP has some interesting arrangements.

“Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer”

I found another Goldentone 78 rpm record from 1961 to add to my little collection.

I also found a red Rainbow Records 45 rmp with “Cinderella” on one side, and “Jack And The Beanstalk” on the other.

All in all, a good few finds over the last couple of weeks.