McStuffin Her Face

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These are my dolly finds from the end of November. I’m keeping the Wonder Woman DC Super Hero Girls (I’ve found four of these dolls so far), but the rest will be added to my shop in due course. Finds include a vintage Tiny Blessings doll called “Christopher” Sindy, Rosetta (from Tinkerbell), Rapunzell, Belle, singing Doc McStuffins, a bunch of little Bratz, What’s Her Face, Inside Out “Joy”, Equestria Girls, LOL Surprise, Lots To Love baby doll and the super Molly & Friends large “Evie” doll. I also found a few odds and sods, plus a large broken vintage doll called “Rosebud“.

Large Dolls

I found a dress for Evi, restyled Belle and Doc McStuffin’s hair and gave the Lots of Love baby lots of scrubs! They have all come up lovely! The dress Bell was wearing when I found her is not her own (and slightly too large – pictured lower down), so for the time being she is in the nude. The Doc is a singing doll.

Medium Dolls

Rapunzell with shoes and unfrizzled hair! I found Rosetta‘s shoes and skirt a few months ago at a carboot, so was able to dress the naked dolly I bought in at least some of her original outfit. I tied a piece of sequinned fabric around her bust to save her modesty! Sindy is the palest doll I have ever come across, made more so by her white dress! Wonder Woman is missing her whip, but otherwise ready for action. Inside Out “Joy” is missing her orb (just like the other two I found). More on the What’s Her Face doll lower down.

I love this doll! She originally came with a choice of wigs (the wig was is a completely different toy basket from the doll in the charity shop!). There is a button on the back of her head which changes here eyes, and she would also have come with a selection of snap-on faces.

Small Dolls

Poor Timothy was very grubby when I rescued him from the bottom of a toy box, but has scrubbed up well. He’s from a line called Tiny Blessings, which were produced by Bandai in 1987. You can find out all about them on my site here. Snow White probably came with rubber or clip-on clothes, I’m not sure about the other little doll yet. I also found a super cute LOL Surprise baby and another Equestria Girls poseable figure.

I found four half naked Lil’ Bratz dolls plus a selection of clothes and shoes whilst rummaging around at the bottom of a toy box in a charity shop. I’m getting together a nice collection of these now, which I shall sell as a bundle.

Odds and Sods

Along with the Bratz finds above, I also rummaged a selection of other doll shoes and accessories. The princess dress was being worn by the large Belle doll (top of page), but is not quite her size and have yet to identify who’s dress is actually is. I also rescued a head, head with torso, one leg and a pony tail! By utter chance, I found a second odd Belle fabric slipper, so now have a pair (the first odd slipper I bought from a car boot sale in the summer).

Broken Dolly “Rosebud”

Sadly this vintage walking doll is probably beyond repair, but was donated with a bundle of handmade clothes so bought her home with me. The plastic on her legs is very brittle, especially around her feet. Originally, when walked along her head would move from side to side. Her hair has also seen better days!