Snooping With Zippy

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I found a few vintage items again over the past couple of weeks (including Barbie, Furskins, Snoopy & My Little Pony), as well as lots more to add to my shop. My favourite finds out of this lot are definitely the G1 MLP’s, closely followed by Zippy’s head!

Plush Toys

Zippy is a keeper, but will be reselling all the other plushies.

I found Mine Craft, “Zippy” from Rainbow, “Pikachu” from Pokemon, a vintage “Junie Mae” Furskins with dress and boots, a colourful Bush Baby World, a vintage Tasmanian Devil dressed as a knight and Mario & Yoshi.


I shall be reselling all the dolls.

Dolls found include two Bratz dolls, Rosie’s World, three Barbie dolls (Bath Magic Barbie from 1991, Lavender Surprise Barbie from 1989 wearing Disney’s Beauty and the Beast “Belle” gold dress from 1991, & Glitter Beach Steven from 1992). The large doll is marked 1987 Cititoy on her head, but the label is marked “Sainsbury’s” with their website, so I guess an old head mould was reused for who ever this doll is. I also found a white dress, two odd shoes and an unknown baby.

My Little Pony

I found three plush G4 winged unicorns, two smallG4 ponies and three G1 ponies plus some G1 Pony Wear

The Pony Wear was being worn by the three ponies I found, and included the saddle and blanket from Roller Skating Outfit (Pony Wear Collection 2 – 1984, US “Great Skates”), the dress and two shoes from Birthday Girl (Pony Wear Collection 3 – 1986, US “Party Time”) and dress and two shoes from Sunday Stroll (Pony Wear Collection 4 –  1986).

The three ponies I found were Gusty and Buttons, from the UK non-flocked set of So Soft Ponies simply called “Ponies” in 1985/86. Baby Tiddley-Winks was sold with the Lullabye Nursery in 1984/85.

I’ll resell the three plush princess ponies (Celestia, Luna & Cadance) and sea pony Rarity, but think I’ll keep Cheerilee for a while.


I bought lots of little figures for resale, plus several which are keepers!

I treated myself to two Doctor Who figures and a few other items including one of those bubble oil thingies which were everywhere in the 90s (the vintage Snoopy I will be selling), two more Zhu Zhu Pets (Furby for reselling), a talking Little Miss and a U Hugs, two squidgy Harry Potter figures which attract fluff like no-ones business, a couple of Moshi Monsters, Eggbert, Rabbids, a Teletubbies sweet tin from 1999 (the fake Fingerlings and Minnie Mouse are for resale) and a Nom Nums keyring I have now turned into a necklace (snorkelling baby unknown).

These figures are all for resale (apart from Han Solo), and include a big bag of Zomlings, Yo-Kai Watch with medals, Squinkies plane plus similar figures, Trolls, two Palace Pets, a Matchbox pickup truck and a Dinky “Chevrelet El Camino”, Kung Foo Panda topper, Puppy In My Pocket, Power Rangers a robot from M.A.R.S., WWE “Ultimate Warrior”, Ben 10, Playmobil fairy and four yet to ID figures.

Fast Food Toys

More Furbys! Plus a plush Star Wars Ewok (mine!), NASA Snoopy, Barbie, several Freddo figures, Peter Rabbit with carrot gun, “Rat” from Fantastic Mr Fox and “Mighty Eagle” from Angry Birds.

Books & Games

I found a little pile of Tapes ‘n Tales magazines from 1987-88 (no cassettes).

I found a beaten up box of Disney Dominoes. The box has definitely seen better days, but the dominoes are still in great condition.

I also bought two books, both keepers.

The Golden Age of Children’s Television

Horatio Happened by Kathryn Cave & Chris Riddell