Monster Egg LOLs

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I added more to my Moshi Monster & Furby collections this week, plus LOL and Shopkins stickers, LOL onesies and an ugly Eggbert figure. I also found an Emma Watson Disney Princess “Belle” doll from the movie Beauty & The Beast.

Moshi Monsters

They’re so cute! The larger Poppet is a talker, and the smaller one is dressed as Honey.


Two more small McDonalds Happy meal Furbys to add to my collection, plus a large pink plush Hasbro one.

LOL Surprise!

I bought two pairs of children’s fleece onesies with the idea of turning them into something else. I don’t know what yet, but something…

LOL Surprise! & Shopkins Stickers

Two packs of stickers from Wilkos.

Beauty & The Beast ~ Belle (Emma Watson)

She’s not wearing her original dress, but a rather ugly blue thing which needs a little repair on the shoulder strap, and it looks like she’s got a black eye where little fingers have gone to work with a marker pen!

The face is a really good likeness for Emma Watson, and the doll still has her original necklace and hair ornament. Her hair is still lovely and curly (once I’d given it a careful combing).

I seem to recall another doll in a yellow dress in the same basket as this doll, but don’t know if it’s her dress or if it will still be in the shop next week. If so, I’ll grab it. If not, I may make her a nice dress myself based on Hermione Granger’s dress from the Yule Ball in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

This is what she should be dresses in.

Eggbert and Friends ~ “Silicon Chick”

So ugly I had to buy him!