Mr Karma Gummidge

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My most recent charity shop purchases include Mr Men, Worzel Gummidge, Culture Club and an Elvis Chatimals. Sounds like the makings of a good night out!


“Karma Chameleon”~ Culture Club (7 inch single, 1983)

Mr. Men ~ Read by Arther Lowe (1978)

Side 1

  • Mr Funny
  • Mr Dizzy
  • Mr Bump
Side 2

  • Mr Fussy
  • Mr Topsy-Turvy
  • Mr Small


Worzel Gummidge ~ Annual (1979)

On opening the back cover, I found two “Sun” newspaper clippings from Jan 1980 inside.


I love Chatimals, and this one is dress like Elvis. It’s voice-box works but it’s mouth doesn’t move.

I found these items a little while ago, but forgot to post them! They include a lovely plush Garfield, My Little Pony pot from McDonald’s, and four cherry/apple shaped combs.