Pygmy Puff Girl

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Monday’s charity shop haul, collected up whilst volunteering, included Monsters Inc., Cat In The Hat, Muppets, Powerpuff Girls, Harry Potter, My Little Pony (fakies?), Lego Movie 2 McDonalds Happy Meal, Littlest Pet Shop, Fizz ‘n’ Surprise and three vintage kitchen items. Plus an odd Lalaloopsy boot and a Pinypon wig.

My bag was full by the time I had finished my shift!

Monsters Inc. “Sulley”

He’s big, he’s blue, he’s furry, he’s mine! At 38cm high, he’s a medium plush.

Talking Cat In The Hat

I changed his batteries but he doesn’t want to talk.

Powerpuff Girls “Blossom”

She’s one of the newer pieces of merchandise. There were four in this set, produced by Spin Master.

Harry Potter Experience ~ Pygmy Puff

A big pink ball of fur with feet and a face.

Fakie MLP Newborn Cuties?

They have no markings at all, so assume they are fakies.

Littlest Pet Shop ~ Bunny #14

This bunny was sold on its own, as well as in twin packs. Dated 2004.

Fizz ‘n’ Surprise Mermaid

Bath bombs with tiny mermaids inside. There were twelve to collect.

Lego Movie 2 ~ McDonalds Happy Meal

I found two more 2019 Happy Meal toys, one with its accessories still inside.

Loose Bits & Pieces

These two pieces of toy accessories were loitering in the bottom of one of the toy boxes, with no owners in sight. Rather than being thrown away, I rescued them.

The wig is from a Pinypon mermaid doll, and the show from a Lalaloopsy doll (don’t know which one yet).

Wendy Knitting Book ~ Jim Henson’s Muppets

From 1992. I think I’ll get my mum to knit me a Gonzo jumper.

Cat Egg Cups

I found two of these egg cats back in 2015. These two are different colours and marked “Portugal” on the bottom.

Here they are with my other to egg cats, one of which is marked “foreign” and the other is blank.

Lemon Squeezer

It is marked “PIAZZA – INOX 18/10 Effepi ITALY. It’s not a modern one, but can’t find one just like this to date it from. I’ve found the exact same squeezer c.1960’s marked “Effepi – INOX 18/8 ITALY”, which I think is earlier than mine.

It needs a clean!