Sparkly Skull Time!

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Halloween items are already making their way back into the shops and I’ve just made my first skull-related purchases! I found a skull tray, sparkly skull lights and an iridescent skull. They all came from Morrisons.

Skull Lights

The skull lights came with a handy “Try Me” button on the box so I could see exactly what they would look like lit up. They look silver when unlit and gold when turned on.

Cost: £4.00

The box edging had an illustration running all the way around, which was a nice touch.

Skull Tray

I don’t think this tray will stand a great deal of wear and tear so shan’t be eating my dinner off it of an evening. I’m thinking it may be the new tray for the kittens food bowls, though.

Cost: £2.00

Iridescent Skull

I’m a sucker for skulls and iridescent things so there was no way I was going to pass this one up!

Cost: £5.00