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"Her ponytail grows right before your eyes!"

Dolly Surprise were produced by Playskool / Hasbro in 1987-1990. They were a line of 10 inch dolls with hair growing abilities. When her right arm was raised up her ponytail would "magically" grow by over 3 inches. Her left arm, when raised up and down, would wind the ponytail back in to her head. There was also a smaller line of 6.5 inch dolls, a couple of colour-change dolls, a larger baby doll and toddler doll as well as a few fashions for the original 10 inch dolls.

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"Move her arm to change her hair. From short 'n sweet to long 'n lovely!"

According to the later packaging there were thirty dolls produced in total, of which I have identified twenty nine. These four rhyming named dolls were the first to be produced.

Holly Surprise Lolly Surprise

Molly Surprise Polly Surprise

Twenty four dolls were listed on a leaflet included with the later dolls, but the dolls above were not included.

These ten were shown together on back packaging:

  • Best Wishes
  • Button Belle
  • Jungle Safarie
  • One-Two Workout
  • Pillow Talk
  • Prairie Girl
  • Prima Ballerina (white version)
  • Rain Dancer (black version)
  • Slumber Time
  • Tiny Dancer

And these ten were shown together on back packaging:

  • Farmer Girl
  • Fiesta Fun
  • Go Team Go
  • Little Jogger
  • Little Flower
  • Prima Ballerina (black version)
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Tappy Toes
  • Tea For Two
  • Tuck Me In

These six may have also been shown together on back packaging but I have yet to find an image:

  • Cat's Meow
  • Little Dancer
  • Little Glider
  • Prom Princess
  • Rain Dancer (white version)
  • Sweet Scotties
[no image]
Best Wishes Button Belle Cat's Meow

Farmer Girl Fiesta Fun

Go Team Go Jungle Safari Little Dancer

Little Flower Little Glider

Little Jogger One-Two-Workout Pillow Talk

Prairie Girl Prom Princess

Pretty Princess

Prima Ballerina Sweet Dreams

Rain Dancer Slumber Time

Sweet Scotties Tappy Toes

Tea For Two Tiny Dancer Tuck Me In

Wedding Bouquet wasn't featured on the list of twenty four dolls above. She had a pink streak in her hair.

Wedding Bouquet

Who are these dolls?

Dolly Sunny Surprise

"Her hair grows and changes "

There were two Dolly Sunny Surprise dolls produced which had tri-coloured ponytails and colour change hair.

Splashy Surprise Summer Surprise

Little Miss Dolly Surprise

"Hair really grows!"

Little Miss Dolly Surprise dolls were slightly smaller than the original dolls, measuring 6.5 inches high. They came fully dressed and also included a comb and storybook.

Country Darling

Free Wheelin' Make A Wish

Who are these dolls?

Baby Dolly Surprise

"Baby Dolly has a surprise for you! Raise her right arm, and her ponytail really grows! Then, move her left arm to make her hair shorter! "

There was one Baby Dolly Surprise doll. She was 14 inches tall and produced in both black and white.

Head-to-Toe Dolly Surprise

"Hair really grows!"

I have found one Head-to-Toe Dolly Surprise doll, dated 1989. I assume she was called "Head-to-Toe" because of the full length of her ponytail. She looks about 14 inches tall.

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