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"Light up your world with love!"

PJ Sparkles was produced by Mattel in 1988-1991. They were a series of large dolls with glowing accessories plus animal friends and an animated video. There were lots of other dolls produced around this time which bore a striking resemblance to one another, and are easy to misidentify at first glance.

PJ Sparkles was reissued in 2004 by Forever Young (at least one doll), and again in 2009 by Zizzle with one large doll and several small playsets with mini light-up dolls.

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Reissues ~ Forever Young (2004)

Very little is known about this 2004 release by Forever Young. The doll is smaller than the original Mattel version (about 11.5" rather than 15"), but otherwise so similar she is easily mixed up. The only other obvious difference visually from photographs is that she has dark pink tinsel in her fringe, rather than white iridescent.

ReIssues ~ Zizzle (2009)

Zizzle produced one large 15" doll which looked very similar to the original Mattel doll, now wearing a different outfit and headpiece, as well as several small playsets called Tinsel Town which came with 4.5 inch dolls with twinkling bits! Some of the dolls were also sold individually from their playsets.

"P.J Sparkles lights up with love for you! See her Heart, Tiara and Bracelet light up with love. Her party dress changes from day to night, into some beautiful pyjamas. Includes bracelet, teddy and brush for you to love too."


"Every dreamy night when girls fall asleep they visit the magical world of Twinkle Town, a place full of wonder, where the Sparkle Friends go on fun adventures! Princess PJ shares her love of friendship when she lights up (exclusive multi-colour heart light)! Her pink party dress turns into pyjamas when its time for bed!"

Zizzle produced several small playsets which came with 4.5 inch dolls with twinkling bits! Some of the dolls were also sold individually from their playsets.

Twinkle Town Beach

"At Twinkle Town Beach you can catch a wave with the Princess Flare and hang out with all your favourite Sparkle Friends! Includes: - Multi-Coloured Light Up Princess Flare, Flare's Pet Dog Silver, Sunglasses, Beach Umbrella, Radio and Brush. Move lever to make Flare surf! Connect to the Twinkle Town Park using the Cobblestone Path."

Twinkle Town Birthday

"At the Twinkle Town Birthday Party you can celebrate everyone's special day with PJ Sparkles! Includes: - Birthday Light Up Princess PJ Sparkles, PJ's Pet Bear Blaze, Party Balloons, Birthday Cake and Presents, Brush, Magic Wand and Cobblestone Path. Gift opens to reveal a teddy bear."

Twinkle Town Candy Shoppe

"Twinkle Town Candy Shoppe is where Sweet Surprise Princess PJ Sparkles and all the Sparkle Friends go to celebrate their birthday in style and enjoy their favourite sweets! Come on in and help them celebrate! Includes: - Multi-coloured Light Up Sweet Surprise PJ Sparkles, Pet Bear Blaze, Gift, 2 Cupcakes, Bag of Candy, Brush, Wand, and Birthday Cake. Spin the Maypole to see it Light Up. Birthday Throne Glows. Use the Cobblestone Path to connect with the Twinkle Town Birthday Party for more fun!"

Twinkle Town Fashion Runway

"The Twinkle Town Fashion Runway lets you show off all of the looks from PJ Sparkles and her Sparkle Friends in a fun Twinkle Town fashion show! Includes: - Multi-coloured light up Fashion Princess PJ Sparkles , PJ's Pet Bear Blaze, Bouquet of Flowers, Clothes Rack, Hair Brush, Magic Wand, Trophy, Cobblestone Path, Removable Tiara."

Twinkle Town Magical Lights Bedroom

"PJ's Sparkles Magical Lights Bedroom is where Bedtime Princess PJ Sparkles and all her Sparkle Friends hang out while getting ready in the light up mirror for a fun day in Twinkle Town. Includes: - Multi-coloured light up Bedtime Princess PJ Sparkles, PJ's Pet Bear Blaze, Hair Dryer, Hand Mirror, Magic Wand, Hair Brush, Comb, Cobblestone Path, Removable Tiara, Changing Party Dress."

Twinkle Town Park

"Twinkle Town Park is the centre of Twinkle Town and has lots of features for PJ and her friends to play , and have fun! Come join them! Hop on the Twinkle Totter, slip down the slide, take a turn on the swing, or play hide and seek by the light up tree house!"

Twinkle Town Twirl 'n Light Ballet

"Twinkle Town Twirl 'n Light Ballet is where all the Sparkle Friends put on their favourite ballet performance. You can see them light the stage or spin on the balcony!"

Individual Dolls

Some of the dolls were also sold individually from their playsets.

Princess PJ Sparkles Ballet Princess PJ Sparkles

Princess Glowee Princess Sparks

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PJ Sparkles :: Reissues