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"FairyWinkles ... they appear in a twinkle!"

Fairy Winkles were produced by Kenner in 1993-95. They were sets of tiny fairies which came with various playsets to hide and play in.

They were sold in the US, UK, France and Germany.

  • UK & US: Fairy Winkles
  • Euro: Folly Magic

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Special Offers

"Fairy Winkles Free Jewellery Offer! Collect Twinkle Points and receive a free gift of special Fairy Winkles Jewellery, available only through this offer! Cut out and save the Twinkle Points found on Fairy Winkles brand package! Send in 6 Twinkle Points to receive Fairy Winkles earrings, 10 Twinkle Points for a Fairy Winkles locket, or 14 Twinkle Points to receive both pieces of special jewellery!"

There was one special offer available in the US. The offer included a pair of earrings and a locket, available separately or together depending on how many Twinkle Points you collected from the packaging backs.

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Fairy Winkles :: Special Offers