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"The more you play with me, the more I do!"

Furby were produced by Tiger Electronics from 1998 to 2002. They were a line of furry, interactive electronic creatures which looked a bit like owls and were the "must-have toy" of Christmas 1998.
Hasbro re-designed the line in 2005-2007 but without any great success, and then again in 2012.

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Buddies were smaller 5 " high, non electronic Furby's with a beanbag filling. They were eighteen produced in 1999, made from the same designs as the first three series of adult Furby's, and also came with the same choice of four eye colours.

Each Buddy came with a large label attached to it with a random name chosen from a selection of words. Names found so far include:

  • Happy Joke
  • Joke More
  • Joke Please
  • Fun Joke
  • Like Joke
  • Good Joke
  • Joke Done
  • Happy Sleep
  • Sleep More
  • Sleep Please
  • Done Sleep
  • Sleep Good
  • Sleep Done
  • Sleep OK
  • Good Pet
  • Like Pet
  • Hungry Please
  • No Hungry
  • Big Hungry
  • More Hungry
  • Light Please
  • Big Light
  • More Light
  • Good Light
  • Like Light
  • Happy Hug
  • Hug More
  • Hug Please
  • Big Hug
  • More Hug
  • Hug Me
  • Big Dance
  • Big Good
  • Big Happy
  • Very Good
  • Very Happy
  • Down Please
  • More Please
  • Like Please
  • Tickle Please
  • Sing Please
  • Love Me
  • Up Down
  • Like Up
  • No Worry
  • More Happy

I've named the Buddies below as per their adult counterparts to make identification easier.

Wolf Leopard Witch's Cat Skunt

Church Mouse Snowball Tiger Giraffe

Owl Dalmation Bear Snow Leopard

Leopard Lamb Gorilla

Frog Elephant Pink Flamingo

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