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"Dreams come true with a shake from you!"

Krystal Princess was produced by Playskool/Hasbo in 1992. They were small dolls which came inside a snow-globe type dome which sat on a base. The dome contained liquid and various shaped glitter. Each doll also came with a skirt, crown and comb. There was also a series of Unicorns and Pegasis produced as well as three playsets and at least two books.

US packaging was marked Playskool, and Euro packaging Hasbro (Hasbro aquired Playskool in 1984).

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There were three playsets produced. None of them came with dolls or domes that I know of.

Bedroom Suite

"You can display one of your Krystal Princess domes on the platform. Any one of your Krystal Princess dolls can sit on the throne - use it as a chair for the vanity or table. Give the medallion a spin for a crystal shower!"

The playsets included the main unit, bed, vanity unit, throne, table and a medallion (fitted into the window).

Krystal Carriage

"Carries two beautiful Krystal Princess's and their glittery domes!"

The playsets included a swan with two bases and eight wheels, two carriage seats and two thrones

Krystal Kastle

"You can display up to 8 Krystal Princesses in their domes on the platforms and floor of the Krystal Kastle! You can also display a Krystal Princess and her dome on the dome swing, and give another Krystal Princess a ride in the swan swing!"

The playsets included the main unit, ramp, a medallion (fitted into the window), drawbridge, two arches with one swan swing and one dome seat, bed, table, two thrones and a sheet of lables.

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Krystal Princess :: Playsets