Secret Beauties :: Lipstick

"Magical little beauties with a secret beauty surprise!"

Secret Beauties were produced by Hasbro in 1992. They were dolls with real cosmetics hidden inside for little girls. There were four styles of Secret Beauties available, and each set contained six different dolls. Each doll came with a skirt, varying head piece and comb which in some cases doubled as a stand.

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"In Secret Beautyland, live the Lipstick Secret Beauties, magical little beauties with a special surprise for you: real lipstick! The Lipstick Secret Beauties know that every little girl loves to look pretty and glamorous. So they mix shimmering colours from their magical rainbow to create dazzling shades of lipstick. But only you will know how to reveal their beauty secret. For when their dancing legs spin and twirl, the pretty lipstick, with a bubblegum scent, appears in their tiaras. Each Secret Beauty has her own lipstick colour and special ballerina outfit."

There were six Lipstick Secret Beauty dolls produced, four white dolls and two black dolls. The dolls were ballerinas which when twirled around would raise lipstick out of their tiaras.

Cotton Candy Dreamy Pink Rosy Red

Sugar Plum Ruby Red Violet Bouquet

"My hat holds flavoured lip gloss!"

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Secret Beauties :: Lipstick