Secret Beauties :: Lip Gloss

"Magical little beauties with a secret beauty surprise!"

Secret Beauties were produced by Hasbro in 1992. They were dolls with real cosmetics hidden inside for little girls. There were four styles of Secret Beauties available, and each set contained six different dolls. Each doll came with a skirt, varying head piece and comb which in some cases doubled as a stand.

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Lip Gloss

"My hat holds flavoured lip gloss!"

There were six Lip Gloss Secret Beauty dolls produced, four white dolls and two black dolls. The dolls wore a sweetie hat that little girls could remove for a flavoured lip gloss surprise.

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Cherry Cherry Kiss Cocoa Sweet Misty Mint Strawberry Swirl Chocolate Delight Strawberry Shine

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Secret Beauties :: Lip Gloss