Secret Beauties :: Unproduced

"Magical little beauties with a secret beauty surprise!"

Secret Beauties were produced by Hasbro in 1992. They were dolls with real cosmetics hidden inside for little girls. There were four styles of Secret Beauties available, and each set contained six different dolls. Each doll came with a skirt, varying head piece and comb which in some cases doubled as a stand.

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Images on this page thanks to Hasbro via ParryGamePreserve and Pranceatron Toys!

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Unproduced Dolls

The 1993 Hasbro Toy Fair catalogue featured three new dolls for the "Lipstick", "Nail Polish" and "Perfume" sets, and a new set called "Blush" taking the place of Lip Gloss. I don't believe any of these dolls made it into the shops.

Lipstick Dolls

"Their tiaras hide real lipstick for girls to wear! New styling features sparkling glitter on their ballerina legs and a colourful skirt that girls can also wear in their hair!"

Nail Polish Dolls

"Each doll's gown holds a real nail polish for girls to wear! New styling features hot neon tropical colours and a pretty fabric skirt!"

Perfume Dolls

"Squeeze their wings to mist softly scented, real perfume! New styling features swirling rainbow hair colours!"

Blush Dolls

"These beautiful brides hide a special beauty secret for girls in their hats: real blush! Squeeze their wings, they blow a sweet perfume-scented kiss!"

"From the enchanted Secret Garden come Secret Beauties. magical little beauties with a secret beauty surprise - real perfume! Gently squeeze your Secret Beauties‘ wings and, magically, perfume sprays from the beautiful silk flower in her hair. There are thirteen different Perfume Secret Beauties for girls to collect. Each Secret Beauty comes with a supply other own unique perfume and a comb that can also be used as a stand. Perfume Secret Beauties. . . magical little beauties with a secret beauty surprise!"

The 1992 Hasbro Toy Fair catalogue featured thirteen Perfume dolls but no other sets. Of the thirteen dolls pictured, five went on to become part of the official release, although slightly different from how they looked in the pictures.

Unproduced Accessories

There were four refill packs featured in the 1993 Hasbro Toy Fair catalogue.

Unproduced Playsets

There was one playset featured in the 1992 Hasbro Toy Fair catalogue. I have not come across even a mention of this playset so am pretty certain it was never made it into the shops.

Secret Beauties Perfumery

"Little girls can discover the secret of creating their own special perfume fragrances with the Secret Beauties Perfumery. This magical garden gazebo comes with 12 packets of perfume to mix fragrances and refill Secret Beauty dolls, and provides a pretty garden setting for Secret Beauties to play in. ALso includes perfume bottles and gift labels so that girls can give the fragrances they create to their family and friends."

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Secret Beauties :: Unproduced