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"Shake me - I giggle!"

SnuggleBumms were produced by Playskool in 1984 and MB from 1985. They were a series of funny, squat little characters with long furry backs for brushing. Baby Snugglebumms giggled when shook, and the adults lit up when hugged. There were also pets, bugs, miniatures and puzzles.

They were sold in the UK and other parts of Europe under varying names (none of which really mean anything!):

  • UK, US & Italy: SnuggleBumms
  • France: Les Bum-Bum
  • Germany: Knuffelbunt
  • Holland: TroelieWoelies

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Snugglebuggs / Snugglepets

"The royal messengers of the loveable Snugglebumms! Button and Basil, the Sugglebugg pair, carry the word of the Princess with care. When Snugglebumm travellers are lost and afraid, they know they can count on some Snugglebugg aid. When messages need to be sent through the land, you'll always find Snugglebuggs lending a hand. So keep watch for Button and Basil bugg too, they're sure to have news full of fun just for you!"

There were two characters produced under the name Snugglebuggs before more character were added and they changed into Shugglepets. Basil's name changed to Bumble when production changed from Playskool to MB.

See here for packaging images.

Basil [aka Bumble] Button

"The brave and loyal friends of all the Snugglebumms."

  • Flutter - "I love to play and have fun."
  • Bumble - "I carry messeges for Princess Snuggleina."
  • Shuffle - "I enjoy helping others."
  • Lucky - "I'm a brave and faithful friend."

Two new bugs were added, now called Snugglepets, as well as two new puppy-like characters. Trusty didn't feature on the back of the MB Shugglepets packaging, and neither did Button so maybe they weren't produced by MB. Unfortunatley I've not seen the back of Trusty's Playskool packaging, so I don't know any more about the first release of the Snugglepets.

Flutter Shuffle Lucky Trusty


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Snugglebumms :: Snugglebuggs / Snugglepets