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"In a place far-off where wishes come true, you'll find some sweet dreamers like me and you;  It's a world Called Sugar Planet, the sweetest around, where Sugar Girls and surprises are sure to be found. "

Sugar Planet were produced by MGA in 2002-03. There were sets of 3 inch dolls who came with a small playsets, a pet and a few small accessories. MGA were behind the Bratz series of dolls, which these are quite similar to facially.

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There were various books publishes, including story books and sticker albums

Mermaid Princess Malah:
Magic Pearl
Fairy Princess Pyxis:

Tropical Princess Leela:
Tiki Treasure Hunt

Fairy Princess Frolique:
Sweet Surprises
Space Princess Cosma:
Sparkle Surprise Party

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Sugar Planet :: Books