Wee Wild Things :: Playsets

"Totally tiny ... incredibly Cool! Be part of the Wee Wild World!"

Wee Wild Things were produced by Mattel in 1987. They were a series of eight small dolls which came with a small playset each to play with. There were also three medium sized playsets and one large one. The dolls were roughly 2.5" inches high. There were also three larger playsets which came with a doll each and various small accessories.

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Small Playsets

"Check out these three outrageous playsets, each with a Wee Wild surprise inside!"

There were three small Wee Wild playsets, each one came with one doll.

High-top Beauty Shop & Lila Styla

"It's a hip beauty shop in a shoe! Your beauty expert is Lila Styla: "I'd run a mile to be in style!" Includes play beauty accessories, two beauty shop chairs and doll accessories."

Came with boot, sunglasses, hairclip, stand & comb plus other accessories.

Piece O'Cake & Lucy Watussi

"It's a luscious layer cake with a surprise party inside! Your Wee Wild party hostess is Lucy Watussi: "I'm so excited! You're all invited!" Includes party play pieces, table and chairs and doll accessories."

Came with cake, table & chairs, two plates, two forks, two cups, cake knife, toy radio, small cake, toy balloon, sunglasses, comb, hairclip, stand and labels.

Small Fry Cafe & Trish Deelish

"Big-bun burger becomes a cool cafe! Your Wee Wild waitress is Trish Deelish: "When I have fun, it's always well-done!" Includes pretend cafe food, table and chairs and doll accessories."

Came with hamburger, sunglasses, hairclip, stand & comb plus other accessories.

Large Playsets

"It's the wackiest home on wheels! The Liv-In Limo is a luxury limo that opens to become a wild 'n wonderful home! Inside, the Wee Wild Things can romp in the "pool," watch TV, barbecue lobster, snooze on the daybed, "listen" to the juke box, and talk on the phone! There's a sundeck, vanity area, keyboard, dog & cat swivel chairs, and much more! Close the roof, and go for a ride on the Wee Wild side! The outside of the limo features sunshades, fish fins, flying dinosaur hood ornament, lip-smacking rear-view "mirrors," and wacky license plates!"

There was also one large playset which came with lots of little accessories, but no doll.

Liv-in Limo

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Wee Wild Things :: Playsets