Sweet Secrets :: Doll Charms - 4th Series

Sweet Secrets

"An adorable transformable world!"

Sweet Secrets were produced by Galoob from 1985 into the mid 1990's. Later on, a few of Galoob's dolls and playsets were released Blue Box. They started off as a series of lockets which transformed into dolls and animals, and as they grew in popularity Sweet Secrets became more diverse, even expanded into playsets.

They were sold in the US, UK and other parts of Europe, and I currently know of one name variation:

  • UK & US: Sweet Secret
  • Italy: Dolci Segreti
  • French: Magic Secrets

Images on this page thanks to Pablo!

Doll Charms - 4th Series

There were two more sets of charms released around 1988. Both sets looked quite different from earlier charms. They each came with a bracelet, necklace and hair-clip.

  • Jewellery Charms
  • Rock 'n Lockets

Jewellery Charms

There were eight charms produced with phrases on them, including four dolls and four animals.

Awesome Girl Picture Perfect Girl Far Out Girl Hot Girl

Rad Monkey You're Special Pony Sweet Heart Puppy Hot Shot Kitty

Rock 'n Lockets

"Wear it as a necklace or a bracelet!"

There were three Rock 'n Lockets produced in 1988, shaped like musical instruments. They were electronic and "played real music".

Beata Drum Struma Guitar Tickle A. Keyboard