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"Backpacks full of fun and surprises!"

Backpack Club were produced by Galoob in 1997-98 and were a small line of five-inch poseable dolls wearing backpack playsets. There were also larger backpack playsets for the dolls to play inside and large enough for a child to wear. All items are quite hard to find.

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Cool Adventure Backpacks

"A fun-to-go playset you can wear!"

There were three large plastic backpacks that a child could actually wear which opened into adventure playsets. No dolls were included.

  • Fashion Fun Mall
  • Slumber Party
  • Stylin' Salon

Fashion Fun Mall

"Your Backpack Club friends love to go shopping at the mall! They want to be sure they're wearing the latest fashions. You can go too, and help your new friends shop for clothes and jewellery - and maybe even a new backpack!"

Slumber Party

Stylin' Salon

Deluxe Cool Adventure Backpack

The wearable Secret Clubhouse was a deluxe backpack that opened into a multi-level doll playhouse with elevator, fold-down bed, swing, sailboard, and canoe. No dolls were included.

The top level floors extended upward once the backpack was opened.

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