"From a swampy bog that time forgot... they're Boglins!"

Boglins were produced by Mattel/Action GT/Ideal in 1986-94 and started life as a series of large, rubbery monster handpuppets with moveable eyes which were sold in "caged" packaging. There were also several smaller versions, miniatures, stickers and various other items as the line grew in popularity.
Boglins were firstly produced by Mattel in 1986 for the US market (which lasted about two years), and then taken over by Action GT and Ideal (also marked Seven Towns) for the UK/Euro market. In 2000-01 the line was reissued by three more UK/Euro companies (Lansay, Awesome Toys and Vivid Imagination)with a small, new line of toys.

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Baby Boglins

"Outrageous babies that come alive on your finger! Open an egg to discover a baby inside."

Baby Boglins were little rubbery finger puppets (3.5" long) with googly eyes, and came inside eggs. There were 12 different characters which each came in 6 different colours (blue, purple, lime green, dark green, cream & brown), making 72 to collect in all (and that's not counting the glow-in-the-dark versions). The eggs also came in different colours (lime green, dark green, red, blue, orange and red). They were produced by both Ideal and Action GT.

1st Release Baby Boglins

2nd Release Baby Boglins

1st Release

There were six Baby Boglins in the first release.

Blap Boink Doink

Klang Splat Squit

2nd Release

Six more Baby Boglins were added in the second release, all had different hand gestures. This time they all had their names on their eggs (see packaging images below). They are harder to find than the original six. The original characters were also re-issued with an extra colour added - red. All characters were also produced as glow-in-the-dark.

Cratch Flop

Lurp Mork

Snot Suk

Glow-In The Dark - 1st Release

Blap Boink Doink

[no image] [no image]
Klang Splat Squit

Glow-In The Dark - 2nd Release

[no image] [no image] [no image] [no image]
Cratch Flop Lurp Mork Snot Suk


1st Release [Action GT] 1st Release [Action GT] 2nd Release [Ideal]

Baby Glow [Ideal] Baby Glow [Action GT]

This is the 2nd release Glow-In-The-Dark packaging.

Spit Action Baby Boglins

There were three Spit Action Baby Boglins. I'm guessing that they filled with water, and then when squeezed would spit it back out. Each character (Klang, Spit & Boink) was produced in several colours, as can be seen below.

Group 1 Group 2

Acrobat Boglins

"Throw your Acrobat Boglin against a vertical surface: he crawls down by himself. Throw several of them at the same time, they will race down. Squeeze into different shapes: he will slowly twist back to his normal shape. Stretch two and tie them up: they fight like wrestlers!"

There were three Acrobat Boglins, each produced in various colours. They were about the same size as Baby Boglins, and made from a slightly sticky, flexible material which allowed them to be thrown at a wall and slowly 'crawl' down, or squished and stretched out of shape and slowly return to form. They were sold in little oval shaped containers.

I assume they had names, but I don't know what they were as yet.

Acrobat 1 Acrobat 2

Acrobat 3 with Container Acrobat 3

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