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"From a swampy bog that time forgot... they're Boglins!"

Boglins were produced by Mattel/Action GT/Ideal in 1986-94 and started life as a series of large, rubbery monster handpuppets with moveable eyes which were sold in "caged" packaging. There were also several smaller versions, miniatures, stickers and various other items as the line grew in popularity.
Boglins were firstly produced by Mattel in 1986 for the US market (which lasted about two years), and then taken over by Action GT and Ideal (also marked Seven Towns) for the UK/Euro market. In 2000-01 the line was reissued by three more UK/Euro companies (Lansay, Awesome Toys and Vivid Imagination)with a small, new line of toys.

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Small Boglins

"Baby Boglins are very affectionate and each display their own distinct personality! Kids just put their hand into the back of a Boglins to make facial expressions come ”alive!” Boglins can express virtually any emotion! Their soft, pliable skin lets kids move them in a variety of ways!"

There were six small Boglins produced and they all had different names in the UK/Europe from the US, otherwise they were identical. US names are listed first, then the UK/Euro variation. Some Squawk's are more purple, whilst others are more green. I think this is due to the top colouring rubbing off over time rather than a colour variation.

Squidge / Squit Shlurp / Splatt Sponk / Blap

Squawk / Klang Squeel / Doink Shlump / Boink

Small Boglins were also produced by Ideal with the UK/Euro names attached. At least three of these had long tongues sticking right out of their mouths, although the bodies used were the same as their Mattel counterparts. Their colourings were slightly different colours too.

Splat Blap Doink


It took me quite some time to sort out the US and UK names for these guys, so here are the packaging images I used. I found enough of the same character in each UK/Euro box to be sure they are correct.

Squidge /Squit

Shlurp / Splatt

Sponk / Blap

Squawk / Klang

Squeel / Doink

Shlump / Boink

Glow Boglins

All six of the small Boglins were produced as Glow Boglins and possibly all three of the long tongues Euro variations too. Made from the same moulds as above, they could quite literally glow-in-the-dark. All were sold with UK/Euro names and I don't beleive they were sold in the US.

They were produced by both Action GT and Ideal, but just to make things more confusing they swapped around their names. Boink and Klang were sold named Klang and Doink, and were both named on the back packaging. I don't know if the other four were also produced with swapped over names. Ideal also sold them correctly named too, either at either an earlier or later date as the back package image shows different lines.

Here are all six of the Glow Boglins, regardless of their names!

Blap Boink sold as Klang

Doink Klang sold as Doink

Splat Squit

I've found one Euro long tongued variation produced as a Glow Boglin.

Doink Variation


Action GT and v.1 Ideal packaging varied slightly on the front and had the same image on the back. The v.2 Ideal packaging (with correctly named characters inside) had a different image on the back. It is also the only Glow packaging to include German on the box.

Here's the three different Doink packagings I have come across.

Action GT Packaging Ideal Packaging [version 1]

Ideal Packaging [version 2] Ideal Packaging ~ Back [version 2]

Action GT Packaging ~ Back Ideal Packaging ~ Back [version 1]

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Boglins :: Small