Boglins :: Hairy

"From a swampy bog that time forgot... they're Boglins!"

Boglins were produced by Mattel/Action GT/Ideal in 1986-94 and started life as a series of large, rubbery monster handpuppets with moveable eyes which were sold in "caged" packaging. There were also several smaller versions, miniatures, stickers and various other items as the line grew in popularity.
Boglins were firstly produced by Mattel in 1986 for the US market (which lasted about two years), and then taken over by Action GT and Ideal (also marked Seven Towns) for the UK/Euro market. In 2000-01 the line was reissued by three more UK/Euro companies (Lansay, Awesome Toys and Vivid Imagination)with a small, new line of toys.

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Hairy Boglins

There were three Hairy Boglins produced of the original characters by Action GT for the UK/Euro market. The hair was rooted.

Dwork Flurp

Hairy Boglins were also produced by Ideal. Flurp and Dwork were the same, but Plunk was made using Flurp's body and had dark brown hair.

Plunk Plunk by Ideal

Wort, a blue Boglin with white hair, is featured on the back packaging by Ideal and dated 1993.

Wort Packaging Back

Development od "Wart" from sculpting to resin model for toolin by Bob Brechin.


Ideal Packaging

Action GT Packaging

Hairy & Wiggly Tongued Boglins

Both Ideal and Action GT also appear to have produced the three large Boglins with both hair and wiggly tongues. The packaging makes no mention of the tongues, just the hair.

Dwork Flurp Plunk

Wiggly Tongued Boglins

And just to confuse things, Ideal produced at least one of the three original large Boglins again in 1993 with a tongue, along with at least two new characters (Wort below and a blue Boglin with white hair).

Plunk Packaging Back


I've also found a blue Plunk (or a Flurp made with Plunk's body, depending on which way you look at it) with a wiggly tongue. I've no idea where he fits in!

Flurp or Blue Plunk

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Boglins ::Hairy & Wiggly Tongued