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"From a swampy bog that time forgot... they're Boglins!"

Boglins were produced by Mattel/Action GT/Ideal in 1986-94 and started life as a series of large, rubbery monster handpuppets with moveable eyes which were sold in "caged" packaging. There were also several smaller versions, miniatures, stickers and various other items as the line grew in popularity.
Boglins were firstly produced by Mattel in 1986 for the US market (which lasted about two years), and then taken over by Action GT and Ideal (also marked Seven Towns) for the UK/Euro market. In 2000-01 the line was reissued by three more UK/Euro companies (Lansay, Awesome Toys and Vivid Imagination)with a small, new line of toys.

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Mini Boglins

Mini Boglins were produced by Ideal from 1991-94, and sold in assorted packs of 5, 10 and 20 in UK and Italy. Each character also had it's own game card for battle play.

The were sold in various ways, including boxes of multiples, blisterpacks and individual "blind" packages.

5 Mini Boglins 10 Mini Boglins 20 Mini Boglins Mini Boglins Cards

The original tribes came in six colours (blue, brown, gray, light orange, green and yellow). Sometimes the Chiefs were silver, which was rarer. Some figures also came in black (known as "Pathfinders"). New colours were added in 1992 and 1994 (including red, dark orange, purple, gold, and neon). Each character came in several colours, some Scouts were even glow-in-the-dark.

Part of the figures had secret label called "Secret Battle Codes" that become visible when the Boglins were heated. The labels then become invisible again when cool. The codes were used in battle play, as described in the "The Secret Code Booklet" that came with the figures.

Mini Boglins :: 1991

There were 6 tribes released in 1991:

  • The Clumsies
  • The Freaks
  • The Greedies
  • The Jokers
  • The Rude Dudes
  • The Tough Guys

Each original tribe release included six figures (1 chief and 5 ordinarymembers). Scouts were then added to the tribes in 1992 (including glow-in-the-dark versions) and Messengers in 1994. Some characters were also "retired" and replaced with new ones.

The Clumsies

"They almost didn't make it to their new home in the chimney. Chief Trog finally managed to get them there against all odds."

Chief Trog Scout Trek

[no image]
Spy Tong Messenger Talk Tat

Tang Tell

[no image]
Trap Trung Trub

The Freaks

"They are a rag-bag collection of odd-balls who live down the drain, led by Chief Bug, the ugliest of them all."

[no image] [no image] [no image]
Chief Bug Scout Blink Spy ? Messenger ?

Blarf Blurp Bog

Boik Burg

The Greedies

"They found the perfect place under the fridge, where chief Glonk and his tribe can really tuck in."

Chief Glonk Scout Gloub Spy Glup

Messenger Gunk Glerp

Glob Grol

Gulp Gurg

The Jokers aka The Perilous Pranksters

"They live under the stairs and are full of mischief, but their jokes usually back-fire on them. They are led by chief Prog, who keeps some form of order with a catapult."

Chief Prog Scout Perlok Spy Prod

Messenger Pard Pelt

Perk Plag

Plig Poig

[no image]
Porg Purg


The Rude Dudes

"They are noted for their disgusting or rude behaviour, where else would they live but under the toilet."

Chief Smog Scout Stare

Spy Sprig Messenger Stick

[no image]
Spew Splang Spoilet

Stog Stroll

The Tough Guys

"They live in the garden and are not really as tough as they look, although Chief Krusha would have you believe otherwise."

[no image]
Chief Karf Chief Krusha Scout Klok

[no image]
Spy Klab Messenger Kik Killa

Klang Kug


Mini Boglins :: 1992

Two more tribes were added in 1992:

  • The Army Guys
  • The Disgustings

Each tribe had one chief and seven ordinary members. A Scout was also added to each of the existing tribes from 1991 (including glow-in-the-dark versions), which are all quite hard to find.

The Army Guys

"They fought their way to the garage where chief Furg and his tribe ward off all enemies."

[no image]
Chief Furg Scout Flouk Spy Flarp

[no image]
Spy Flarp Messenger Flare Flak

Flerk Fling Frol

The Disgustings

"Chief Drox led his tribe to the most disgusting of places, the dustbin."

[no image] [no image]
Chief Drox Scout Droup Spy ? Messenger ?

Dino Drak

Dril Durd Dwiz

Mini Boglins :: 1994

Three more tribes were added in 1994:

  • The Medievals
  • The Prehistorics
  • The Samurai

Each tribe had eight members (1 cheif, 1 scout, 1 spy, 1 messenger and 4 ordinary members). A Messenger was added to each of the existing tribes, and a former member became a Spy (now made in black). Both Messengers and Spies are hard to find.

The Medievals

"They unearthed a home in the Attic where Chief Mogg and his tribe keep guard."

Chief Mogg Scout Mors

Spy Minx Messenger Murg

Mace Madd

Maze Mord

The Prehistorics

"They unearthed a home in the cellar where chief Dred and his tribe hold fort."

[no image] [no image]
Chief Dred Scout Dink Spy Dork

Messenger Drat Dent

[no image] [no image] [no image]
Dimm Dino Dunk

The Samurai

"They are so special that they only come in neon colours."

Chief Yuck Scout Yell Spy Yak

Messenger Yum Yarn Yelp

Yen Yule

Other Mini Boglins

There were a couple of other sets released too.

The Rare Dudes - Series 1

"They are a motley assortment who are very difficult to find. Chief Drox and Scout Droup are even rarer as they are not engraved."

All these hard to find figures came from previously released tribes.

  • Chief Drox - The Disgustings
  • Scout Droup - The Disgustings
  • Spy Glup - The Greedies
  • Messenger Stick - The Rude Dudes
  • Drak - The Disgustings
  • Gulp - The Greedies
  • Tang - The Clumsies
  • Tell - The Clumsies

The Cool Dudes

Eight Cool Dudes were available exclusively with Kellogg's Frosties cereal in UK, and were smaller than the other Mini Boglins. The figures were available in six neon colours (yellow, blue, pink, green, orange and red). Cool, Chill and Chump were also released in gold as a limited edition of 10,000 figures (so not that "limited!).

Chill Chump

Clak Clot

Cone Conk

Cool Crok

Mini Boglins in Slime

There were four Mini Boglins in Slime produced in 1994. They were about the same size as the other Mini Boglins, and came inside a little toilet filled with slime. The toilet and four new mini Boglines were also available with a boardgame (see below).

Packaging Splash Splodge

Splurge Splutter

I'm not sure where the Slime Skull fits into the sereis, but it was advertised with the Slime Toilet on back packaging.

Mini Boglins Game

The Slime Toilet Game consisted of the four new mini Boglins and slime filled toilet (all as above), plus the board and game cards.

Mini Boglins Accessories

The Swamp Carry Case could store up to 12 mini Boglins and came with a tree and bridge (flocked plastic shapes). It also came with a free Mini Boglins Chief.

Mini Boglins Caged

Back packaging offered a Mini Boglins Cage, which could hold up to 12 characters (it was also sold with 12 Mini Boglins included). The cage appears to be the same as used for the Action Boglins.


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