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"Enter the world of Bubble Belles, where lovely little girls' lives are filled with sparkling swans, fancy fish and brightly coloured flowers. Bubble Belles... as dreamy as a bubble drifting through the sky..."

Bubble Belles were produced by Kenner in 1990 and were dolls which came with inflatable accessories for bath time fun and were a very short lived series. The dolls were made re-using Kenner's Rose Petal Place doll molds.

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There were five sets of accessories produced.

Bubble Beautiful Palace

"For the ultimate in glamour and relaxation, the Bubble Belles go to the Bubble Beautiful Palace. Little girls and Bubble Belles with dazzle with pretty soap 'make-up' sticks and hair gel. Bubble Beautiful Palace vanity playset comes complete with an inflatable vanity with mirror, two 1oz. soap 'make-up' sticks (one red, one lavender), and a 4oz. tube of hair gel."

The "Hair Gel 'N Make-Up Sticks" were also sold seperatly.

Cosmetics & After Bath Accessories

"Little girls will love making themselves even more beautiful with cosmetics and after bath accessories".

There were four cosmetic and after bath accessory sets produced.

After Bath Splash 'N Lotion Bubble Bath 'N Shampoo

Hair Gel 'N Make-Up Sticks Soap 'N Sponge

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Bubble Belles :: Accessories