Magic Merbabies :: Original

"Create fun colours in you bath!"

Magic Merbabies were produced by Hasbro/Vivid Imaginations around 2001-04 (In Italy they were produced by Gigi). They were a series of small dolls with mermaid clothing and colourful hair, made for play in water. Each doll came with a packet of "Fizzy Tints" (also called "Bath Tints"), for colouring bath water. There were also a few playsets produced.

They were sold in parts of Europe under varying names:

  • UK: Magic Merbabies
  • USA: Merbabies
  • France: Mes Jolies Petites Sirènes (My Pretty Little Mermaid)
  • Italy: Magiche Piccole Sirene (Magical Little Mermaid)
  • Germany: Zauberhafte Badenixen (Magical Mermaids)

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Original Merbabies

Throughout the series there were three types of head moulds used, with either a pony tail or bunchies, in various singular bright colours. There were also three skin tones used. No combination was used more than once, so all dolls were unique.

Magic Merbabies

"The new Merbabies are a collection of six miniature mermaid dolls designed to make bathtime more fun. When kids put a Tub Tints tablet into the Merbaby's tail fin, they watch the doll create a colourful trail. Merbabies come with their own brush and their own Mer-Pet."

The six original dolls each came with Mer-Pet, a packet of Fizzy Tints/Tub Tints and a brush. Three of these dolls were also sold in the US under different names, along with three other dolls (one of which was the UK special offer doll Lily and the other two variations of these dolls (see lower down for more info).

  • Amber (USA Sea Fire) + mer-dog "Woof" and a purple brush
  • Aqua (USA Sea Star) + mer-seal "Snowie"
  • Hula + mer-parrot "Squawk"
  • Jade + mer-seahorse "Winnie" and a hot pink brush
  • Karma + mer-fish "Angel" and a hot pink brush
  • Pearl (USA Sea Mist) + mer-cat "Meaow"
Magic Merbabies Magic Merbabies
Amber / Sea Fire Aqua / Sea Star

Magic Merbabies Magic Merbabies
Hula Jade

Magic Merbabies
Karma Pearl / Sea Mist

US Set

In the US this set was simply called "Merbabies". It included three of the dolls from above (Amber, Aqua and Pearl), but with different names (Sea Fire, Sea Star and Sea Mist), along with the UK exclusive Lily (now called Sea Violet) and two new dolls (Sea Dreamer and Sea Maiden). All Mer-Pets were the same as the release above. The US release is quite hard to find. They came with Crayola Bath Tub Tints.

Sea Dreamer wore Karma's outfit, and looked like a white version of Hula. Sea Maiden was basically Jade but with pink hair (rather than green).

Magic Merbabies [no image]
Sea Dreamer Sea Maiden

This is the back packaging.

Magic Merbabies

For Sale

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Magic Merbabies :: Original