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Care Bears were originally characters created by American Greetings in 1981 for use on greeting cards. Then, in 1983, Kenner took the characters and made the first in a line of very successful teddy bears based on the Care Bears. Each bear was a different colour with a symbol on their belly to match their names. Care Bear Cousins, produced a couple of years later, were a series different animals with matching symbols to names.

The Care Bears franchise was massive business and a huge amount of items were produced to go along side the toys. There were book, magazines, cartoons and films, plus so many other items I can't mention them all! A popular toy in the 80's, the Care Bears and Cousins made a succesful comeback to 2002 with several new characters being added to the original line (not mentioned here).

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There were a lot of related Care Bear items produced, these are just a few.

Games & Activity Sets

Playing Cards Colouring Books Dip Dots - Paint Set

Care Bears Play Doh Care Bear Cousins Play Doh Sit 'n Spin - Ride-On-Toy

Coin Banks

Food Related


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Care Bears :: Accessories