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Care Bears were originally characters created by American Greetings in 1981 for use on greeting cards. Then, in 1983, Kenner took the characters and made the first in a line of very successful teddy bears based on the Care Bears. Each bear was a different colour with a symbol on their belly to match their names. Care Bear Cousins, produced a couple of years later, were a series different animals with matching symbols to names.

The Care Bears franchise was massive business and a huge amount of items were produced to go along side the toys. There were book, magazines, cartoons and films, plus so many other items I can't mention them all!

A popular toy in the 80's, the Care Bears and Cousins made a succesful comeback to 2002 with several new characters being added to the original line (not mentioned here).

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Meet the Care Bears

Baby Hugs and Tugs
Whenever those two are together, things are bound to getting interesting!
Bedtime Bear
makes sure that we all sleep soundly at night!
Birthday Bear
just loves to have a party!
Champ Bear
shows us just how much fun it can be to be a good sport!
Cheer Bear
brightens up your gloomiest day!
Daydream Bear
shows people how important imagination is.
Friend Bear
will be your true friend, forever!
Funshine Bear
will always bring a sunny smile to your face!
Good Luck Bear
spreads good fortune and furry wishes wherever he goes!
Grams Bear
knows just about all there is about being a Bear, and is ready to lend a hand or a patient ear to help anyone in need.
Grumpy Bear
cheers us up by showing us that it's alright to be grumpy, every once in a while!

Harmony Bear
helps others overcome differences and get along,

Love-a-Lot Bear
helps bring two hears together!
Secret Bear
will keep your most secret secretest locked away in his heart!
Share Bear
shows us that true caring means sharing!
Surprise Bear
encourages others to enjoy the unexpected.
Tenderheart Bear
is bursting full of fuzzy feelings!

Trueheart Bear
helps everyone share caring feelings.

Wish Bear
will help to make your wishes come true!

Meet the Care Bear Cousins

Brave Heart Lion
is the leader of the Cousins.
Bright Heart Raccoon
is the smartest of them all, Bright Heart always thinks of something to get out of trouble.
Cozy Heart Penguin
is the most friendliest who can brighten up anybody's day just by being there.
Gentle Heart Lamb
is gentle and shy.
[no image]
Lotsa Heart Elephant
is the strongest of them all, but this elephant is not all brawn.
Loyal Heart Dog
is a loyal, true, and honest friend.
Noble Heart Horse
is the founder of the Care Bear Cousins.
Playful Heart Monkey
likes to have a good time wherever he is.
Proud Heart Cat
always tries to be the best in everything he does.
Swift Heart Rabbit
is the fastest of them all.
Treat Heart Pig
likes to treat everybody to everything and not leave anybody out.

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Care Bears :: Commercials