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Care Bears were originally characters created by American Greetings in 1981 for use on greeting cards. Then, in 1983, Kenner took the characters and made the first in a line of very successful teddy bears based on the Care Bears. Each bear was a different colour with a symbol on their belly to match their names. Care Bear Cousins, produced a couple of years later, were a series different animals with matching symbols to names.

The Care Bears franchise was massive business and a huge amount of items were produced to go along side the toys. There were book, magazines, cartoons and films, plus so many other items I can't mention them all!

A popular toy in the 80's, the Care Bears and Cousins made a succesful comeback to 2002 with several new characters being added to the original line (not mentioned here).

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Miniature Care Bears and Cousins were made of PVC and roughly 1 inch high. Each Care Bears came in one to four different poses, and the Cousins in just one pose each. Professor Coldheart and Cloud Keeper were also produced as miniatures.

These are all the miniatures I have found so far.

Baby Hugs

Baby Tugs

Bedtime Bear

Birthday Bear

Champ Bear

Cheer Bear

Friend Bear

Funshine Bear

Good Luck Bear

Grams Bear

Grumpy Bear

Love-a-Lot Bear

Share Bear

Tenderheart Bear 

Wish Bear 

Miniature Care Bear Cousins

These were six Care Bear Cousin miniatures produced, one of each main character. None of the UK characters were made at this size.

  1. Lotsa Heart Elephant Lifting Weights
  2. Cozy Heart Penguin Skating Figure Eights
  3. Gental Heart Lamb Picking Flowers
  4. Swift Heart Rabbit Racing on a Skateboard
  5. Bright Heart Racoon Solving a Problem
  6. Brave Heart Lion Protecting his Friends

Miniature Care Bears Friends & Foes

The Cloud Keeper had two poses, whist Professor Coldheart only had one.

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Care Bears :: Miniatures