Busy Bears of Hippity Hollow

"Just open the doors to the Busy Bear land and find a wonderful land you can hold in your hand."

Busy Bears of Hippity Hollow were produced by Tomy in 1982. A similar set was released in Brazil called GulliverLandia, which used the same house moulds and bodies, but with different animal heads, and in Spain a series called Geyperland was released with little girl dolls rather than animals. Both these sets had far more peices than the US series. Japan had a set called Piccolo, which also had dolls rather than animals.

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Busy Bears of Hippity Hollow Houses

There were eight playsets produced, each one came with a bear. There were four smaller playsets and four larger playsets.

Alarm Clock

The Honey Can

Tea Pot

Telephone House

Television & Stereo Shop

Coffee Cafe


My Home

For Sale

Busy Bears of Hippity Hollow