Busy Bears of Hippity Hollow :: Geyperland

"Just open the doors to the Busy Bear land and find a wonderful land you can hold in your hand."

Busy Bears of Hippity Hollow were produced by Tomy in 1982. A similar set was released in Brazil called GulliverLandia, which used the same house moulds and bodies, but with different animal heads, and in Spain a series called Geyperland was released with little girl dolls rather than animals. Both these sets had far more peices than the US series. Japan had a set called Piccolo, which also had dolls rather than animals.

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Geyperland Houses

The same eight playsets were made for Geyperland, but each one came with a doll figure rather than animal. Although there were no variations of colour as with the Brazilian series the Juicer, Red Roof, Paint Pot and Teapot all had two different interior stickers produced for when they were sold together with garden bases (see below). I've found no evidence to suggest that the other four were also produced with different interiors though. La Casita translate as small house or cottage.

Clock Cottage / La Casita de Reloj Painting Cottage / La Casita de la Pintura

Teapot Cottage / La Casita del Te Telephone Cottage / La Casita del Teléfono

Red Roof Cottage /
La Casita del Tejado Rojo
Cafe Cottage /
La Casita del Café

Juicer Cottage /
La Casita del Zumo
Television Cottage /
La Casita de la Tele

Geyperland Houses with Garden Bases

Houses were sold individually (as above) but were also sold various other forms with either cardboard or plastic garden bases. All houses in playset 2 had different interior stickers to the ones sold singularly.

These two sets below included two small and two large houses each. Each box also came with a cardboard layout of paths and gardens for the four houses as well as cardboard push-outs of fences, trees, shrubs and a car.

Pairs of one large and one small house were also sold with one of two plastic scenic bases. The Lake came with either Paint Cottage and Red Roof Cottage or Telephone Cottage and Juicer Cottage. The Creek came with either Television Cottage and Teapot Cottage or Cafe Cottage and Clock Cottage. The accessories remained the same for the two sets regardless of the cottages included. The garden bases were the same as sold with the Mexican version but painted in different colours.

Lake Creek

Geyperland Amusement Park

The Amusement Park had several moving clockwork attractions. For some reason it was sold in two almost identical versions, either with or without the flying airplane round-about. I've never seen this set anywhere other than in marketing material so it was either unpopular or never made it into general sale.

Geyperland Tree Houses

There were two treehouses produced. They had lots of movable parts and came with twins Pi & Pa

The Little Treehouse of Pa

The Little Treehouse of Pi

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Busy Bears of Hippity Hollow :: Geyperland