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"Just open the doors to the Busy Bear land and find a wonderful land you can hold in your hand."

Busy Bears of Hippity Hollow were produced by Tomy in 1982. A similar set was released in Brazil called GulliverLandia, which used the same house moulds and bodies, but with different animal heads, and in Spain a series called Geyperland was released with little girl dolls rather than animals. Both these sets had far more peices than the US series. Japan had a set called Piccolo, which also had dolls rather than animals.

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GulliverLandia Houses

"The town that fits in your heart."

GulliverLandia was a much larger series than the Busy Bears. It used all the same eight playsets but they were produced in endless colour variations, plus there were cars, road and garden bases for the houses. There were various different animals instead of just bears figures and there was also a girl and boy character too. Each character had its own name too (although still unknown as yet).

Alarm Clock

The Mexican playset was labeled "Relógio Alarm" (Alarm Clock). It came with a goat.

The clock was also labeled "Delegacia De Policia" (Police Station) and came with a police car and figure.

Paint Pot

The Mexican playset was labled "Pintura" (Painting). It came with a cat. This house was also sold with a different name on its roof (name unknown yet) and came with a school van.

Tea Pot

The Mexican playset was labled "Cha" (Tea). It came with a rabbit.

The teapot was also labeled "Market" and came with a truck and figure.


The Mexican playset was labled "Telefone". It came with a mouse.

The telephone was also labled "Bombeiros" (Firefighters) and came with a fire truck and figure.


The Mexican playset was labled "Cafe". It came with a lion and a bear.


The Mexican playset was labled "Sucos" (Juices). It came with a dog and pig.


The Mexican playset was labled "Doce Lar" (Sweet Home). It came with Gulliver and Gully (boy & girl).

Television & Music

The Mexican playset was labled "Televisao" and "Musica". It came with a cow and lamb.

GulliverLandia Figures

There were at least 10 different animals and one boy and girl produced, each with a name. They too came in a variety of colours.

  • Goat
  • Cat
  • Rabbit
  • Mouse
  • Lion
  • Bear
  • Dog
  • Pig
  • Cow
  • Lamb
  • Boy "Gulliver"
  • Girl "Gully"

GulliverLandia Cars

There were eight cars produced in four moulds. Four were sold individually and four were sold with the four small playsets (which were given alternative names). They each came with a figure and like the playsets seem to have been produced in several colour variations.

Fire Truck Police Car White School Van

Green School Van Green Truck

Yellow School Van Blue School Van

Yellow Car

GulliverLandia Roads and Gardens Bases

There were two garden bases and at least one road base produced. The two garden bases were sold as part of two large collections of four playsets, as pictured below. I don't know what the road base came with but image that cars were included.

Lake Homes River Homes

Road Base

For Sale

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Busy Bears of Hippity Hollow :: GulliverLandia