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"Your true dinosaur friend!"

Darlin' Dinos were a short lived, but quite plentiful series produced by Meritus in 1992-93 (and Gig in Italy). There were three characters: Bronte, T Rexanne and Tri Sarah Tops which were used for each set made. They were about 4-6 inches high, produced in various colours and styles, and had long brushable hair. There were also several sets of miniatures and other various accessories produced.

Images on this page thanks to poniesofdooom and an unknown source (top two)!


There were a few Darlin' Dinos bags produced.

Bum Bag "The Collection" Purse?

Shoulder Bags with Brushable Hair

This case could hold two full size Darlin' Dinos, but unsure if they were included.

"The Collection" Case

These pencil toppers look to have been about two inches high, so quite big for a topper!

For Sale

Darlin' Dinos :: Accessories