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"Your true dinosaur friend!"

Darlin' Dinos were a short lived, but quite plentiful series produced by Meritus in 1992-93 (and Gig in Italy). There were three characters: Bronte, T Rexanne and Tri Sarah Tops which were used for each set made. They were about 4-6 inches high, produced in various colours and styles, and had long brushable hair. There were also several sets of miniatures and other various accessories produced.

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There were several different sets of miniature Darlin' Dinos produced.

  • Lil' Dinos
  • Mini Dinos
  • Fun Rings
  • Tots
  • Other Figures (possibly cake decorations)

Lil' Dinos

Lil' Dinos came in two distinct styles - plain dino poses and ballerina poses. They were sold on blister packs in varying amounts, and each card came with one comb. They were also sold blind in little bags with a personality card. They were around two inches high.

Plain Lil' Dinos

I currently know of two different poses for these plain miniatures, but there were probably more and other colours too.

Ballerina Lil' Dinos

Ballerina miniatures came as plain coloured and multi-coloured versions. Like the ones above they had brushable hair.

There were at least four different moulds for the plain ballerina miniatures and each one was produced in at least three different body colour colours.

I know of four multi-coloured ballerina Lil' Dino's made with the same moulds as the plain version above. I don't know if they were packaged as Lil' Dinos, or how many colour variations there were.

Lil' Dinos with Personality Cards

Clockwise from bottom left:

  • Mimi Mimi (yellow w/purple hair)
  • Amy Amygdalodan (blue w/yellow hair)
  • Ali Aliaremus (purple w/green hair)
  • Amy Amygdalodan (orange w/yellow hair)
  • Toni Tarnieria (yellow w/orange hair)
  • Eugenioa Ingenia (dark orange w/blue hair)

Lil' Dinos Packaging

They were sold on blister packs in varying amount.

Mini Dino

The Mini Dinos were smaller than the Lil Dinos, measuring about one inch high, and had painted bellies and chest gems. There were two poses (Bronte and T Rexanne, but no Tri Sarah Tops) and came in a variety of colours. All packaging I've found for this set has been Italian and in groups of twelve. These two moulds were also used to make the "Fun Rings" from below.

This is the only packaging to show a forth (unproduced) character called Terry Dactyl.

Fun Rings

I've found six different rings, made from three different moulds. Two of the mould were also used for the Mini Dino's above (Bronte and T Rexanne, but not Tri Sarah Tops for some reason). The were about one inch high and sold in packs of three or loose.

Bronte Rings T Rexanne Rings

Tri Sarah Tops Rings Packaging


Dino Babies were also produced at a miniature size of about one inch.

Other Miniatures

These miniatures are even smaller than the ones above at about 1cm high. They could even have been cake decorations.

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Darlin' Dinos :: Miniatures