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"Glo Friends glow for hours!"

Glo Friends were produced by Hasbro and Playskool from 1982 into the late eighties. Along with the large plush Glo Worm, there were a series small glow-in-the-dark insects and other small creatures, plus books, cartoons and other various accessories.

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Glo Friends had individual story books, annuals and larger story books. These are what I have found so far.


Glo Friends Individual Books

Glo Bug Glo Butterfly Glo Cricket Glo Worm

Story Books

Bedtime Book Glo-Year-Round Big Blanket Mix-Up

Other Titles

  • GloCricket's Merry Chase
  • GloWorm and the Big Freeze
  • GloButterfly's Magic
  • GloBug's Greatest Day
  • Baby Glo Worm's Birthday Party
  • The Glo Friends: A Busy Day in Glo Land
  • The Glo Friends' Christmas: A Story to Colour
  • The Glo Friends: Good-Night

See Hear Read ~ Book & LP/Tape

  • Glo Friends To The Rescue
  • Glo Friends and The Moonsnuffer


  • The Glo Friends Save Christmas [1985] Film
  • Glo Friends: Adventures in Gloland [1986] 6 Stories
  • The Glo Friends [1986] TV Series
  • The Glo Friends: Caverns of Mystery [1986] Film
  • The Glo Friends: The Quest [1987] Film
Adventures in Gloland Caverns of Mystery Save Christmas The Quest

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Glo Friends :: Books & Videos