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"Adorable elves who help nature run... with magical wands that make them more fun!"

Herself the Elf was produced by Mattel under license of American Greetings Corporation from 1982. The series included small poseable dolls (very similar to Strawberry Shortcake), playsets, animation and various accessories.

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There were three playsets produced.

Flower House

"Flower House looks like a flower with petals when closed, but open it up and see all it holds."


  • bud couch
  • petal lamp
  • pop-up umbrella table
  • two flower bowls
  • two flower glasses
  • two tree trunk chairs
  • a swinging flower hammock
  • tinkling elf chimes

Flower Shower

"Flower Shower sprinkles elves as good as dew. Working shower and petal tub lets them soak and scrub just like you. removable shower, comb and bathing suit."


  • removable shower
  • comb
  • bathing suit

Flower Vanity

"Flower Vanity is where Herself and her friends wash their faces and do their hair, before they go anywhere."


  • daisy swivel mirror
  • leaf sink
  • butterfly comb
  • terry towel

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