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"My makeup appears like magic!"

Li'l Miss were produced by Mattel in 1989-1993. They were a series of large 13" dolls with colour-change features, activated using cold water. There was also a set of smaller 7" Wee Li'l Miss dolls with similar features, fashion outfits and a few playsets for both size dolls. There were lots of other dolls produced around this time which bore a striking resemblance to one another, and are easy to misidentify at first glance.

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Li'l Miss ~ Fashion

"5 pretty fashions for all Li'I Miss and most other 13" dolls! Each fashion is themed to a favourite fun activity to provide little girls with lots of play options. There's a ballet costume, a garden party dress, denim & lace active wear, a slumber party outfit, and a swimsuit with beachwear. Each fashion includes a special, colour change play accessory. Icy water changes the colour, warm water changes it back! Shoes not included."

There were five outfits produced for the large Li'l Miss dolls.

  • Ballet Costume
  • Jeans Look
  • Party Dress
  • Nightie
  • Sparkly Swimsuit
Ballet Costume

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Jeans Look

Party Dress


Sparkly Swimsuit

1st Release Card Back 2nd Release Card Back

At least two of the fashion sets were sold in a twin pack.

Wee Li'l Miss ~ Fashion

There were at least four fashion outfits produced for the Wee Li'l Miss dolls in 1990.

  • Cheer 'n Chatter
  • Surf 'n Safari
  • Swim 'n Ski
  • Tap 'n Twirl
Cheer 'n Chatter Surf 'n Safari

Swim 'n Ski Tap 'n Twirl

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Li'l Miss :: Fashion