Li'l Miss :: Playsets

"My makeup appears like magic!"

Li'l Miss were produced by Mattel in 1989-1993. They were a series of large 13" dolls with colour-change features, activated using cold water. There was also a set of smaller 7" Wee Li'l Miss dolls with similar features, fashion outfits and a few playsets for both size dolls. There were lots of other dolls produced around this time which bore a striking resemblance to one another, and are easy to misidentify at first glance.

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Li'l Miss ~ Playsets

There was at least one playset produced for the large Li'l Miss dolls.

"Li'l Miss make-believe magic moves into a little girl's world of real hair fashion and fun! This first Li'l Miss accessory makes a take-apart transformation for double the play value! It's a mirrored vanity complete with removable skirt, flip-up drawer; and vanity stool for Li'l Miss dolls - or it's a mirror, brush, comb, and storage container for a little girl! Ruffled trim on vanity stool is a hair decoration for little girls. Vanity skirt also doubles as a skirt for a Li'l Miss doll!"

Wee Li'l Miss ~ Playsets

There were at least three playsets produced for the Wee Li'l Miss dolls in 1990.

  • Beach Fun
  • Beauty Salon
  • Bed

Beach Fun

Beauty Salon

Wee Li'l Miss Bed

For Sale

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Li'l Miss :: Playsets