Li'l Secrets :: Candy Scent

"Discover our mini secret surprises. We have secrets in our hair!"

Li'l Secrets were produced by Mattel in 1993-95. They were a series of small plastic dolls, with charms hidden in their hair.

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Candy Scent

"Li'l Secrets Discover my mini secret surprises! I have Secrets in My Hair....Look Inside My Hair! My Barrette becomes a ring for you! Comes with a stamper & stamp pad too! Comb make pretty stencil designs! Pretty earring secrets for us to share! "

There were eight scented dolls in this series with a food theme and a few small accessories.

[no image] [no image] [no image]
Bubble Gum Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cotton Candy Grape Soda

[no image] [no image]
Lemon Tart Strawberry Lollipop Vanilla Ice Cream Yummi Cherry Gummie

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Li'l Secrets :: Candy Scent